Cabinet of Curiosities

Before visitors to the Cromhout family were permitted to enter the Grand Salon, they were received in the Antechamber. This is also where the cabinet of curiosities is located. Nowadays this cabinet is one of the two rooms where small but charming or extraordinairy exhibitions are on display. 

Curiosities were a phenomenon typical of the 17th and 18th century. Many a canal-side house resident was the proud owner of a ‘cabinet of curiosities’: a room often housing an ‘art cabinet’ brimming with doors and drawers. These cabinets concealed a wealth of rarities: extraordinary natural phenomena, exotic items and unique hand-made ‘artefacts’. In a period of ocean commerce and explorative expeditions, it is easy to understand the curiosity regarding far-away places and foreign climes. The contents of the cabinet of curiosities reflected the world as it was known at the time.

The visitor of todays Cromhouthuis will find a new exhibiton in this cabinet every few months. But still the feeling for the visitor will be the same as in the 17th century: surprise!